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Calculating Las Vegas Property Taxes

Here is an example of how one would calculate property tax. Assume you have a home in Las Vegas with a taxable value of $100,000. The tax rate in the City is $3.3002 per hundred of assessed value. To determine the assessed value, multiply the taxable value of the home ($100,000) by the assessment ratio (35%):

$100,000 X .35 = $35,000 assessed value

To calculate the tax, multiply the assessed value by the tax rate ($3.3002 per hundred dollars assessed value).

$35,000 (assessed value) x .033002 (tax rate) = $1,151 taxes for the fiscal year.

In Clark County there are currently 88 tax districts. The tax rates for these districts are based on the amount of monies budgeted for the necessary maintenance and improvements of their facilities and services. The tax monies collected for the districts pay for schools, police and fire protection, along with other services that taxpayers demand and desire from their local government. These tax rates vary depending on the type of services provided to an area. In addition to basic city taxes, many districts have additional percentages to pay for the specific needs of the area. Example: special water, police, library, fire prevention, redevelopment, etc.

The Nevada State Legislature has passed a law to provide property tax relief to all citizens. Assembly Bill 489, signed into law on April 6, 2005, provides a partial abatement of taxes by applying a 3% cap on the tax bill of the owner's primary residence (single-family house, townhouse, condominium or manufactured home). Only one property may be selected in the State of Nevada as a primary residence.

An 8% cap on the tax bill will be applied to residences that are not owner occupied. The 8% cap would also apply to land, commercial buildings, business personal property, aircraft, etc. New construction or property that has a change of use (zoning change or manufactured home conversion) will not qualify for any cap for this fiscal year but will receive the 3% or 8% cap starting July 1, 2007.

Tax rate questions: Clark County Manager's Office - Budget Division 702-455-3543
Assessment questions: Assessor's Office 702-455-4997

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