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Mold Sniffing Dogs

PRINCETON, NJ (PRWEB) June 22, 2004 -- Lab Results LLC has become the first company in the US to combine infrared thermal imaging and Mold Dogs™ in the search for mold and moisture problems in commercial and residential buildings.

Infrared thermal imaging is a proven, non-destructive, non-invasive method for detecting moisture in walls and roofs, which can promote mold growth and rot. Lab Results LLC’s certified infrared thermographers, certified Mold Dog™ handlers and certified mold inspectors can now diagnose a building from multiple perspectives and find hidden mold and moisture problems early. (Fortunately, Las Vegas homes for sale have little need of mold sniffing dogs since we live in such a dry climate.)

Infrared technology is especially useful for inspecting flat roofing systems and synthetic stucco systems, which rarely give any visual clues as to their condition or the location of leaks and moisture retention. Litigation involving synthetic stucco, or exterior insulating finish systems (EIFS), is rampant nationwide.

EIFS exterior cladding is blamed by plaintiffs for retaining moisture that gets behind it and thus helping to allow mold growth and rotting within exterior wall cavities.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan and his wife, Juanita, filed a lawsuit in March against the maker of a synthetic stucco system, Sto Corp., alleging that the system admitted and trapped moisture that led to extensive rot, mold and other problems at their Highland Park, IL home. Dryvit Systems Inc. also has been involved in multiple litigations and has agreed to settlements in some cases. Las Vegas Zip Codes

Lab Results LLC brought the first certified Mold Dog™, Oreo, to the Northeast last year and now leads a network of independent certified mold dog handlers ready to take on big jobs when needed. The scientific community has greeted Oreo and her kind with enthusiasm.

Dr. George Carroll, mycologist at Mould Works said, “The appearance of mold-sniffing dogs is a brilliant solution to the problem of locating sources of household mould. Dogs when properly trained are in fact exquisitely sensitive walking gas chromatographs with a proven record in locating moldy substrates even when hidden behind partitions or on the insides of walls.”

While a mold-detection canine can quickly find mold inside a home or commercial building, infrared thermal imaging has the edge on the exterior. Properly used under the right conditions, infrared thermography can serve as an early warning system for flat roofs that tend to retain water long before they actively leak. The technology also can detect temperature variations that a certified infrared thermographer would use to find moisture accumulation, condensation, infiltration and leakage in wall systems and windows, all of which can provide an environment conducive to mold growth. Las Vegas Real Estate

The combined use of Mold Dogs™ and infrared thermal imaging during EIFS inspections is the most effective non-destructive and non-invasive method of surveying a property for potential mold and moisture problems. The combination can tell a property owner or potential buyer whether there may be a serious hidden problem, before any cutting or sampling is done.

Typical current inspection methods involve much guesswork and the random cutting of core samples or pieces of walls – both inside and out – to analyze for mold and moisture. Using the Lab Results method, samples are taken only to confirm indications of mold or moisture found by the Mold Dog™ or infrared thermal imaging.

A combined Mold Dog™ and infrared thermal imaging inspection can protect a potential buyer from acquiring a lemon property or from incurring repair and remediation costs far beyond a building’s value.

Existing property owners can either obtain peace of mind in knowing their problems are minor or nonexistent, or they can use the information to pursue litigation, enforce warranty issues, or guide remediation and repair efforts. Homes for Sale in Las Vegas

"This is an area in which what you don't know can hurt you badly, said Jason Earle, founder of Lab Results LLC. "In any situation involving real estate, knowledge truly is power, no matter which side of the deal you're on."

"A mold problem is a moisture problem," Earle said. "When we find moisture problems early, we can sometimes prevent mold and rot from taking hold. This not only serves to save building owners and homeowners money but also can help protect the health of the occupants."

Lab Results LLC is an indoor air-quality improvement company based in Princeton, NJ. The company specializes in the detection, location, diagnosis and prevention of mold growth and moisture problems in all indoor environments including residential, commercial and industrial spaces. The company also consults with property owners and contractors to provide project guidance on remediation projects.

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