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Client Testimonials

If you have worked with one of our team agents, and would like to share your experience with our website visitors and potential clients, please click here to fill out our testimonial form.

Highly Recommended     February 24, 2014

Hi Diann, my name is Dina and Louis Sasso and I have been working with Edward O. in finding our Las Vegas dream home. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job he has done, from everything to picking us up from the hotel to driving us all over Las Vegas to find our home. We are so excited to have found our home because of Ed going above and beyond making us feel comfortable and showing us all around. I just wanted to say what a great guy he is and looking forward to our big move out to Nevada. Thank you for having such a great team member.

Dina Leonetti

– Louis Sasso and Dina Leonetti

Highly Recommended     December 31, 2016

Dear Lisa and Dan,
I truly want to thank you for all that you have done for us. You have made this experience a complete and seamless pleasure. Your Professionalism, Courtesy, Attention to detail, and Thoroughness was absolutly amazing. I have seldom experienced such complete Customer Service before. You both should be proud of the way you conduct your business and with the way you deal with your clients. 
Sincerest Appreciation and All the Best In the New Year.

– Brian and Ellen McDougall

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Meet Maggie. She moved to Las Vegas to be near her sister and other relatives, and she chose a home in the "classic" Las Vegas area known as Old Vegas. Welcome to the neighborhood, Maggie.

– Maggie - "Classic" Las Vegas Home

Highly Recommended     June 22, 2012

Hi Rhonda!

Thank you SO much for all of your help in getting this all to happen so quickly and efficiently.  We were so lucky to find you and will happily recommend you to anyone we hear of who is looking for property in the Las Vegas area.  You made this all so easy - it has been a great pleasure working with you!!

And thank you for the references - that will really help our getting settled in and "adjusted" to life in Nevada.

Once again, thank you for everything!

– Gary and Bridget

Highly Recommended     August 05, 2012

Dear Wanda,

Thank you for your message, and, again, for helping my Brother and Mother find her condo; she has moved in, bought some new furniture, and is awaiting the big moving truck from the East. 

Clinton was so pleased to work with you on Mother's transaction; I'm sure that he'll want to keep referring his friends to you.

– Dana

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Dennis and his daughter Felicia looked at more than 50 homes before we found this beauty for them. We don't know who was more excited about their new home, but Felicia sure was glad her dad finally made a decision.

– Dennis and Felicia - Las Vegas Home Buyers

Highly Recommended     January 23, 2013

Diann: We were just in your town looking at homes and had the pleasant opportunity of meeting with and working with Edward Orasi from your office.  He was extremely professional and extended us all courtesies.   We were very happy and pleased with the time that we spent with Edward, and got a very good feel for the market in your area.  We will definitely use Edward as our realtor.

– Janet and Denny

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Though we are no longer with Century 21, after 16 years with the company we still have lots of great memories. One of the biggest thrills of all was when our office of Century 21 won the international Century 21 cheer competition. What started out as just a local rivalry between the Las Vegas offices "just for fun" turned into a major coup on stage in San Diego at the 2003 Century 21 convention.

– Las Vegas Agents Win Century 21 Award

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011


Thanks for all your good work.  You did a wonderful job in presenting my house to potential buyers and were so good about keeping me up to date on things.  Your work ethic, professionalism and integrity make you an extra special real estate agent.  And this isn't saying anything about your wonderful enthusiasm and warm personality.  You've got it all!   And that is why each and every one of us will always recommend you to our friends. Hope if you are ever in Sedona you will look me up.  Thanks once again for everything, including the extra effort with the utilities.  

– Marilyn F.

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Kerry knew the minute she walked into this home, that is was the perfect one. And not only did Marc and Kerry get a great home, they got great new neighbors too. If you want to experience the ultimate Halloween, just stop by their home at the end of October - it takes Kerry almost three weeks to get all the decorations up.

– Marc and Kerry - Las Vegas Home Buyers

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011


You brought me in right on the exact money that I hoped to have at closing. When I tell you that you are a blue chip, first round draft choice, it's coming from one that's qualified to know. Positive mindset, boundless energy, professional wisdom! Thanks, kiddo!

– Frank M.

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Wei, Jed and Max traveled all the way from Shanghai to Las Vegas and had only a few days to find a new home. We found the perfect one in Southern Highlands, and it's hard to tell if Max is happier or his parents. Congratulations to all three.

– Wei, Jed and Max - Southern Highlands Home

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011

We recently listed our home with The Tonnesen Team after looking at many other Realtors.  We chose them because they had been selling homes for years longer than anyone else we considered.  Since this was our first time to sell a home we had a lot of questions.  

They were very patient and answered all our questions.  Zach has an extensive marketing plan, and can be found at the top of any search engine on the web and is always in the first 4 pages of the Real Estate Guide.  (We never even saw our home in the Real Estate Guide because it sold so quickly!)  We were really skeptical that our home would even sell.  We never thought we would get what we wanted for the home.  To our amazement we got what we wanted for our home plus it sold in 3 weeks!

Their website at www.GreatLasVegasHomes.com has a lot of suggestions for how to make your home more presentable, we used them all. Zach was in contact with us daily and followed up with each and every person that came to see our home. A co-worker that put her house up for sell a week before we did has never even talked to her Realtor since the house went up for sale. 

You will not be disappointed with the Tonnesen Team - they make selling your home easy.

– Alan and Virginia W.

Highly Recommended     January 27, 2015

An excellent realtor and wonderful person!

My husband and I found ourselves in a bit of a pickle and were franticly trying to find a home within our budget in a relatively short amount of time. It was also very important to find a home within our daughters’ existing school zones. Our stress levels were at an all-time high. Edward Orasi made all the difference in the world; he was there every step of the way. He addressed all of our concerns with professionalism and promptness. Receiving such a superior level of service was the crucial difference between lying awake at night in worry and having peace of mind. In the end we found a beautiful home within our budget and in the ideal neighborhood!

Thank You Edward!

– Bianca Yegutkin

Highly Recommended     September 04, 2012


Rose & I both send you our most sincere appreciation for all the wonderful time you extended to us in showing various residential real estate options in & around Las Vegas. We were both very impressed by your expertise, good humor and the selections you made; particularly, those in Anthem, clearly our favorite option. It was a distinct pleasure to meet you & we look forward to speaking and seeing you again in the near future.

– Jim and Rose

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Gayle and Bruce love their new home in Anthem Country Club. They are busier now than they were before they retired. And it sure is a lot warmer than Montana!


– Gayle and Bruce - Anthem Country Club

Highly Recommended     May 18, 2013

We are finally getting settled here in BC, can't tell you how much we are coming to truly enjoy it down here. The house is really looking nice.

We have some traveling to do over the next couple of weeks, but we were wanting to invite you and your husband down for dinner sometime when your schedule allows. We were thinking maybe late June or early July?
We can firm something up as we get closer....

We can't tell you how much we appreciate you and all you've done for us. Hoping all is well!

– Krista and Brandon

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Rarely do we see anyone get as excited as Cindy was about her first home, a condo in Green Valley. She showed up over an hour early to get her keys on closing day. Congratulations, Cindy!

– Cindy - Green Valley Condo

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Lou and Suzanne were more than ready to start their new life in Las Vegas. Suzanne was especially excited about the beautiful walking trails in their gorgeous guard gated community of Rhodes Ranch. Congratulations, you guys!

– Lou and Suzanne - Rhodes Ranch Home Buyers

Highly Recommended     April 06, 2012


As a professional real estate agent, I am very picky about who I refer my clients to, so I interviewed several Las Vegas agents before choosing the Tonnesen Team for a high end condo buyer. My clients were so thrilled with their service, that they flew back to Boca Raton just to take me out to dinner and thank me for the referral! They are top quality through and through and I would recommend them to anyone.

– Caesar P

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Linda and Kathy had a great time celebrating Linda's new condo purchase in Kathy's complex. As an added "bonus" the seller left some bright red curtains. They entertained themselves thinking about all the things they could make out of those red curtains - where will they show up next??

– Linda - Green Valley Condo Buyer

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011


How are you?  I hope you and your family are doing well.  I just wanted to thank you so much for everything! 


I'm so glad that you submitted a proposal through Yahoo Real-Estate.  Yours was one of five that I chose. I sent mail to you and two other agents. Your response was so warm and friendly, but professional at the same time. And you know what?  When I met you, you were exactly the same: warm, friendly and professional. 


Hiro really likes you both too.  He was especially impressed with Glen.  "Glen is an honest and kind man," Hiro said. Meeting Glen made the purchasing process less stressful for Hiro.  So please thank him for us. 


You're lucky to be surrounded with such wonderful people. Jackie was great. She was always strong and confident when I was uncertain. When I got confused with so many choices, she was clear and patient. When I got distracted, she pointed me in the right direction again. She's a very efficient person with no rough edges. She's good and you’re lucky. Thank you for sharing her with me! 


Hiro and I will stop by your office to formally thank you when we relocate to Vegas.  Until then, good luck with your business.

– Hiro and Schelia S.

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011


I spoke with you this morning (Monday) about the Allure and you put me in touch with Michelle.  I wanted to let you know that she called me back about 5 times getting me information.  I ended up buying at another project which was a better choice for us.   Her input was a big part of our decision to go with the unit we did.  I felt like she wasn't just going for a fast buck but looking for our best interest.   I have dealt with a lot of agents and some I would not ever deal with again.  I was in good hands with Michelle.

– Nancy D.

Highly Recommended     January 31, 2017

Thank you so much for everything Jackie !!!

We really appreciated your professionalism and your follow through in obtaining this property. 

We love it and how well Palma Gow took care of it.  No more to be said,  it was just remarkable.

We are so appreciative of your service.  We are still unpacking, had it painted,  have a long way to go, no TV yet but we are getting there.

Let us know your schedule availability for lunch not next week but the following.

Again, thanks as we are enjoying the Henderson community.  Everyone is so friendly here.

– Hattie & Rod McDonald

Highly Recommended     January 31, 2017

Dear Sir:

I would like to commend Amy Allison on her work with us in our recent home purchase.  Ours was not a big purchase, but Amy carried out the process as if it were a much more substantial transaction.

We first contacted Realtor.com to ask about a buyer’s agent.  Amy called us back within an hour and was ready to go.  As the condo was owned by an LLC in California, she had to do much detective work to find the name of the actual person who was the owner.  She did not give up.  It took her a while, but she kept digging in records to find who we needed to find.  She kept up the same tenacity through four stops where my husband and I thought the transaction  was impossible.  Four times my husband and I accepted the disappointment of not getting to buy the condominium we have rented for seven years – and then the phone would ring!  Amy had persevered and found a way to make it happen.  Over and over she just kept finding a way. 

All through this, she kept a friendly and professional demeanor.  She answered our “stupid” questions; she drove over to our home when we were unable to figure out how to sign documents on the computer.  She made sure this sale happened.  Today at closing, she was able to produce just the right document that was needed to be there (and the title company did not have) or the closing would have been delayed.

We’re homeowners!  We would never have made it with a lesser agent.  Amy has professionalism, tenacity, and an optimistic outlook.  And she is friendly!  (Something that absolutely necessary  for us from the South…) She is an asset to your team.  Thank you.


Constance D. S. Belmore

– Constance D. S. Belmore

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Meet, Debbie, who describes herself as the happiest girl in the whole USA. Debbie and Jeff are literally on top of the world in their new Seven Hills view home in the southern foothills of Henderson. Margaritas around!

– Jeff and Debbie - Seven Hills View Home

Highly Recommended     May 20, 2012


Hi, Katrina.


Just a short note to thank you for the opportunity to do business with you. I appreciate that. 

– Dennis

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Is it a party in the middle of the desert? No, it's just Carol and Nancy celebrating the sale of their vacant land for an outrageously high price (beer bottles not included!) They were referred to us by another client and everyone is happy.

– Carol and Nancy - Vacant Land Sellers

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Don and Alice had their home listed with another real estate agent for six months, but it didn't sell. After the listing expired, they were referred to us by their neighbors. See Don and Alice smile as we sold their home in only two days!

– Don and Alice - Home Sellers

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Nicole bought this condo as her first home while she was in college. And now she's been accepted into Naval officer training. Way to go, Nicole. Congratulations and Anchor's Away!

– Nicole - Las Vegas Condo Buyer

Highly Recommended     March 30, 2017

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express to you the extremely pleasant experience I had with Roxanne Wortham-Brown.

From the first time we spoke, I found her to be extremely professional, personable and friendly. She is truly the best realtor that I have worked with. It has been over 22 years since I last purchased a house and being that much has changed within that time, she stayed with me and guided every step of the way through the purchasing process, which can be cumbersome (to say the least) at times. Unlike other relators that I worked with, she always returned calls, responded to emails and texts in a timely manner and never made me feel rushed to get off the phone when answering my questions, even if the calls were after “working hours”.

Being well versed in the Nevada/Las Vegas market, she made sure to listen to what I wanted in a home as well as work within my budget never trying to push me into a higher priced home just to complete a transaction.

Her years of real estate experience and savvy are apparent. I will definitely work with Roxanne again whether it be buying and/or selling this property or an additional ones.

Please place a high value on ones as Roxanne that contribute so much to a real-estate company and to their clients.



– Philip W. Cavallaro

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011


Thought you'd enjoy seeing what Carol wrote to me today.  While they were "touring" our home, she and Nancy just raved about how great you are.  They were amazed at how fast you work!!  I knew they'd feel the same way about you that we do!

"Thanks so much for leading us out to meet Diann and especially for recommending her to us. She is a real jewel and Nancy loved her as well as I did (which is unusual).  We think she did her homework on our land situation and with her knowledge and expertise, she negotiated a good deal for us.

Great to see you again, Diann, and thanks for being so good to my dear friend Carol.

– Suzanne

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Meet Brendan, Dee Dee and Cole. Cole was born at 12:01 am on New Year's morning in 2000, the first Las Vegas baby born in the new millenium. Since then he has been joined by brother Cash, and the family moved into the beautiful Quail Ridge community of Green Valley.

– Brendan and Dee Dee - Quail Ridge Buyers

Highly Recommended     May 20, 2012




Thank you so much for all of your hard work.... The pleasure has been all ours to work with you. You have been such a very awesome Professional to work with. Your knowledge speaks for itself in the real estate market in the Las Vegas area. 


Possibly down the road we will buy more houses. You will definitely have our business. And other people that we know in the Denver Area as well that want to buy a house there. 

– Arden and Samantha

Highly Recommended     January 07, 2013

Tonnesen Team, Thank you for your warm and wonderful wishes.  Without Leslie Brill, I would not have been able to do it alone.  She was well worth every penny and more.  She will always have a friend in me!

– Lotteye

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Frank found us on the Internet when he was thinking about selling his home. He was researching local Realtors based on experience and sales production. We listed his home, and 13 days later Frank was packing for his move to Sebring, Florida. Watch out for those gators, Frank!


– Frank - Las Vegas Home Seller

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

We called it the "miracle" home. It was the perfect home, the perfect loan and the perfect time. Congratulations to Marsha, and thanks to her "angels" that made it all possible. You know who you are!

– Marsha - Henderson Home Buyer

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Congratulations to Paul and Joan. They bought a brand new house in the Green Valley area, and got to watch it grow from the desert on up.

– Paul & Joan

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011


Ron and I are very happy with the help we have received from your firm.  You have a great system going on.  We have been e-mailing back and forth with Judy Campbell.  She has been wonderful in e-mailing us homes that meet our criteria.  Always keeping in touch with us and responding quickly to our questions.


We recently visited Vegas two weeks ago and Judy was kind enough to meet us.  She is very professional and knowledgeable.  She took us to see some new homes and some re-sales.  We will be going back to Vegas at the end of January (1/31-2/2) for more job interviews.  It seems that our relocation is imminent and we will be working with Judy on the purchase of our home. 

Thank you so much for your interest and for following up with us.  

– Ron and Connie

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011


Thanks for making our townhouse purchase so FUN and EASY! We can't thank you all enough, you're definitely the BEST! 

– Lois and Craig J.

Highly Recommended     December 13, 2011


The Tonnesen Team was referred to us by friends that were their previous clients, and now we refer them to all OUR friends! We think they're terrific, and you will too!

– Mellie and Toni

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Say hello to Gina. Gina's excited because she's buying her first home and it was already hard enough to keep her feet on the ground. Congratulations, Gina!

– Gina

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

No one was happier to see Kevin, Ruby and the kids move to Las Vegas than the grandparents. They found a fabulous brand new home in Anthem Coventry with great schools, enough room for everyone to spread out, and a gourment kitchen for Ruby's catering business.

– Kevin and Ruby - Anthem Coventry Home Buyers

Highly Recommended     March 15, 2012



Good News!  Thanks for all of your help.  You are now my Las Vegas R.E. agent for any future purchases.  You did an excellent job on my behalf. Thanks!

– Thomas S.

Highly Recommended     December 31, 2016

I want to tell you a story about Bill Smith. Bill is maybe the hardest working agent in Las Vegas and I have proof of this. A few years ago I moved to Vegas with a small down payment and lofty goals. Over a matter of years, not weeks or months, but literal years(2011-2014), Bill helped me settle into the perfect home for my limited budget and credit history. He never complained, never rushed me, never gave anything other than total honesty and a ton of his time and wisdom to me. He is not one to BS you or play games. He is a total pro and actually had my best interest at heart. That proof? The small commission. All that work for a tiny little commission on a tiny little house and he had a smile on his face every time I saw him. 

Then, if he hadn't worked hard enough for me, my job relocated me to Japan. I gave Bill a call and he didn't hesitate to represent me selling the home he worked so hard to get me into. Not only that, but he sat at the house for repairmen, inspectors, and helped organize a ton of things that I was unable to do myself from fourteen time zones away. He went so above and beyond I can't help but wonder what motivates him. I can't imagine dealing with anyone other than Bill in Las Vegas. He is incredibly knowledgeable, incredibly crafty and and just an all around amazing human being. 

– Alex Nelson

Highly Recommended     August 16, 2013

Leslie Brill - SuperWoman! It has been almost one year since I bought my townhouse and more than two years since I met Leslie. She met me when I started looking before I even had my money ready. Leslie would take me around to different properties and I often wondered how could she afford the gas since gas was so high.


Once I got my money together, I called Leslie and said that I was ready to buy. I hit the ground flying and she was right alongside of me. Once I found what I wanted, the paperwork started flying and the deal was done. She hung in there with me and let me make the decision myself and gently urged me on when my faith began to waiver. 


I think Leslie went above and beyond the call of duty and I wished that I could have paid her more than she received. She's way better than what she thinks. She's a people person first, and property person when you need her to be. I think she is a great person. I met her lovely children and found them to be wonderful. That was a plus. She has found a long-time friend in me, and the loyalty that she has never known. I wish her all the success in life with her profession and her family. She has all my blessings.

– Lotteye

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Joe and Sue had to wait patiently for their new home to be finished and they spent a lot of time at the models. We also helped Sue spend lots of Joe's money at the design center! But it was well worth the money, wasn't it Joe? Joe???

– Joe and Sue - Green Valley Ranch Buyers

Highly Recommended     August 28, 2015

Congratulations to Sherman and Ankee on the purchase of their home in the guard gated community of Legacy Estates. Sherman negotiated a heck of a deal on this one and he was all smiles.

– Sherman and Ankee - Grand Legacy Homes

Highly Recommended     September 08, 2013

Wanda and Judy, 


Well it's been just over one month now since the purchase of our New KB Home on Via Firenze in Henderson and thanks to you both it has worked out great! Because of both of your Efforts my daughter Emily and her college "Sisters" have a wonderful safe and secure place to live and Sue and I have a great place to retire to in a few years. 


I can't tell how valuable you both were in helping us choose the correct home. It made a Huge difference having you both as independent realtors to help us achieve our goals. From the initial searches, to the accurate listings sent to us via e-mail on a consistent basis that included the correct target area it that allowed us both to home in on where we lived. It was also an incredibly valuable asset to have you both include new homes (such as KB) into the mix and I believe it shows true Overall market knowledge. 


I'm sure others might have steered us in just one direction, existing home or just using a new home agent but it was great to work with Professionals that look at all of their customers needs. 

It was a please working with you both and we hope to see you again when we come out to watch the UNLV Running Rebels!

– Vince and Sue P.

Highly Recommended     March 15, 2012


Dear Diann,


I am pleased to let you know that I had a great time in Vegas! I would like to thank you for introducing us to Ed Orasi. He is a wonderful Realtor! He is professional, patient and responsible. We really like him and know we will find a good house soon. Once again, thanks!

– Hailin

Over 30 years of experience helping families call Las Vegas "home!"

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